Christian Hamann was born in Berlin in 1949 and has lived for several years alternately in Germany and South America (Uruguay, Paraguay).

He studied geography and biology in Hanover and Mainz from 1968 to 1973 and then worked as a secondary school teacher until his retirement. Throughout his life, he has continued to study independently, especially in the fields of history, politics including sociology, economics and psychology.

His credo is that democracy is not a finished model, but a living principle that must be improved in a historically never-ending process and strengthened against the grip of uncontrolled power - namely that of money. History presents itself as evolution (as a composite of biological, technical and socio-organisational evolution), while politics represents its current management. Therefore, especially socio-organisational evolution can only be steered back into stable channels and kept there permanently if political management respects the eternally valid rules of evolution. The simplest and most effective way for the necessary course correction is to detect the increasing violations of these principles.