The world is crazy. Almost everyone sees it that way and the closer you look, the more this impression is confirmed. Behind all the nonsense, violence, profiteering, political insincerity and media hysteria lies a thicket of wrong, right, partially right, contradictory or only apparently contradictory thoughts, philosophies, ideologies and theories.

In the past century, around 190 million people have lost their lives in wars and civil wars. However, learning from this disaster requires more than blaming individual politicians.

The unofficial rule of state-privileged big business is increasingly suppressing the fair market economy and the free development of people (see Chapters A 5 and A 9). However, the system cleverly disguises the destructive use of its influence behind an anthropophilic and security-concerned facade, particularly provided by the media. But with the Corona crisis and the Ukraine war at the latest,

In 1996, well-known Holocaust denier David Irving lost a lawsuit against Prof. Deborah Lipstadt, during which he was found guilty of mishandling documents and distorting facts. However, this dispute, fought on the rational-argumentative level, would have taken place far more effectively outside of a formal legal dispute.