The Multi-Front War against Israel and Free Civilization

By CrisHam, 1 April, 2024



After the Second World War, it took almost two decades for writings denying the Holocaust to be widely published. - After the October 7, 2023 massacre, the atrocities were almost immediately denied, and as of now, March 2024, 91% of the Palestinian population and many followers worldwide already believe these false narratives. Reference

Since the beginning of the counterattack in the Gaza Strip, Israel has been engaged in a multi-front war. In addition to the fight against Hamas in the west, Hezbollah in the north and the Houthis in the south, the country faces an increasingly hostile media and political atmosphere. Even the US government is proving to be an unreliable ally. In this dangerous game, the Biden administration presents itself not as a decisive leader providing a rational policy direction, but as a product of the destructive spirit of our time, created by others.

Therefore, it is high time to detect the sources of the ‘moral’ atmosphere that is responsible for distorting the truth to the detriment of Israel and the Jews. Surprisingly, a detour into the thoughts of Karl Marx proves to be helpful, which not only contain the most devastating errors, but also some valuable insights. One of them is that the dominant philosophy of an era is always the philosophy of the ruling class.

Today's "philosophy," our zeitgeist, does not correspond, as it should, to the American constitution and its principles, nor is it the sensible result of free rational thought in a fair market of ideas. Instead, it is the one-sided product of millions of “politically correct” writers in hundreds of thousands of organizations and media outlets, promoted and funded by a few ultra-rich people. Those who belong to these teams of established writers, journalists and agents are immediately mobbed out of the political arena if their views deviate from the politically uniform mainstream.

This is a self-cleaning system, more specifically a system that hinders free thought by supervising each other to stay within 'political correctness' - our current ruling class philosophy.

It is now becoming clear that the resulting political atmosphere is destroying our free civilization - with an irresponsible escalation to World War III in Ukraine, with the dangerous erosion of Israel's moral position in the Middle East conflict and with the hindering of any consistent defense against Europe’s conquest by Islamic migrants who are not willing to integrate. It is completely impossible to combat any of these three problems independently of the other two. All three can only find realistic solutions based on their common roots - the power of big money.

These solutions have nothing to do with a revolution; on the contrary, it is about strengthening justice and democratic control where they are threatened. This affects the monetary system, the information sector and the economic system with its large, privileged corporations and disadvantaged small businesses.

There is also an urgent need for reform in the MIC, the military-industrial complex in the USA and Great Britain, which is driving the escalation in the Ukraine war to an irresponsible level. As in every past military conflict, the information sector applauds actions that range from unacceptable to suicidal. Furthermore, media and “charitable” organizations stage unfair bias against Israel.

It is late, but not too late, to learn from history and to recognize from the current catastrophic developments that the ruling money aristocrats, although partly of Jewish origin, are not the sincere friends and protectors of Israel and Judaism. Rather, with their NGO and media power, they position themselves as their bitter rivals on the side of opponents of freedom, democracy and Western values in general. Even if a planned approach is disputed, the observable developments amount to a spread of obedient people who are accustomed to subordination. Israel, with its predominantly patriotic, courageous, value-oriented and free-thinking citizens, does not fit into this world with uncritical, easily manipulated residents.

If the necessary reforms cannot be implemented in time before the major escalation, a shortcut is necessary. Some determined Jews should make timely contact with the ultra-rich and call them to solidarity with Judaism, with Israel and with the entire free civilization. Reference Integration has always been preached by the 'politically correct'; However, their practical results had to remain extremely poor as long as they and the money aristocrats themselves were not integrated members of the Western nations. They lacked the minimum level of patriotism and solidarity that is a basic requirement for a society to be able to act democratically.