Sustainable Peace Plan for the Middle East

By CrisHam, 22 May, 2024



  1. The unheeded threat 


The growing anti-Semitism and propaganda war since October 7 show that Jews and Israel have many influential opponents in the West. In contrast, behind the Palestinians in Gaza and Hamas there is an Arab and Islamic world in solidarity.

      When some Arab countries, such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia, helped intercept Iranian missiles, drones and cruise missiles fired against Israel on April 14, 2024, it was an expression of their rivalry with Iran, but by no means friendship with Israel. Turkey's positioning is similarly unreliable; although as a NATO member it should be on the side of democracy and Israel, it supports its enemies. The role of Qatar is even more opaque; although until a few years ago it supplied Hamas with rockets and currently hosts the leadership of this extremist organization it is simultaneously acting as an intermediary. 

      The difficult-to-calculate gray area between open opponents and false friends poses an underestimated danger for the Jewish state. This is that polarizing forces could seek a 'solution' for Iran in a war of mutual annihilation with Israel. 

      Even if Israel were to survive militarily, global sentiment against Israel and Jews would rise. This could plunge the USA into a civil war. The systematic 'legal' prosecution of Trump supports the suspicion that some influential people are interested in this polarizing, self-destructive development. Because of such incalculable risks, the planned invasion of Rafah should be canceled and replaced by consistent diplomacy.


2. Those responsible 


2.1. Israel cannot survive long-term against the propaganda power of tens of thousands of “charitable” organizations, the UN and the media. 

2.2 But it can present a principle-based concept of peace to the world public.

2.3 In the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the Jews were promised the restoration of their historic homeland in Palestine. Although this promise was enshrined in the League of Nations' Mandate Treaty of 1922, the project remained unfinished. 

2.4 As the main victor of the First World War, Great Britain also bore the main responsibility for a stable post-war order. But it violated the terms of the mandate treaty by hindering Jewish immigration and paving the way for Arab rebellion. 

2.5 By withdrawing from the unfulfilled Mandate Treaty in 1948, Great Britain was unable to free itself from its obligations. 

2.6 Palestinians who still live in refugee camps today are undoubtedly victims of the circumstances, but at the same time they are guilty. Like the citizens of any country actively engaged in war, they share responsibility for the actions of their leaders. When the Germans voted for Hitler in 1933 (just as the people of Gaza voted for Hams in 2006), they had to foot the bill - with the bombing of their cities, captivity, starvation, systematic killing of refugees, mass rape and expulsion. By these standards, the Israeli military's fight against the terrorists is handled extremely fairly - especially since every major attack is announced in advance. 

2.7 Western citizens, politicians and journalists who support Hamas in demonstrations, statements and publications share responsibility for the “solution” that the terrorist organization proclaimed for Israel and the Jews in its 1988 charter and its 2017 document - i.e. to wipe out Israel by force. Article 13 of the Charter states: “Initiatives and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences contradict the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement (=Hamas). … There is no solution to the Palestinian question except through jihad.” Their goal is not a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as Western media would have you believe, but the entire territory of Israel/Palestine for an Islamic state. 

2.8 At the same time, Western jihadist supporters are promoting the global spread of unreformed Islam in refugee flows. 

2.9 Its political ideology is incompatible with democracy, full personal freedom and equality between men and women. 

2.10 The guilt of the UN, including UNRWA, is war by other means against Israel. This began with the reception of Arab refugees who had lost their homes as a result of the Arab war of aggression in 1948. These people should have been correctly taken in and integrated by the 6 Arab aggressor states. In doing so, the UN/UNRWA prevented Arab self-responsibility. In contrast, Israel and other Western countries have integrated even larger numbers of Jews who had been expelled from Arab countries.


3. Necessary steps 


  1. Since terrorism has psychological roots, military action alone cannot eliminate it. This applies even more to Hamas in Rafah, whose top leaders reside in Qatar. 
  2. Correctly documenting and assigning blame for the Middle East conflict to Britain, the United Nations and thousands of organizations leads to a peace initiative based on the principle of accountability.
  3. The UK should take responsibility for Rafah, where the British army would break any ongoing Hamas resistance. Following the example of denazification after the Second World War, at least all Hamas fighters, politicians, all UNRWA school teachers and other people with public responsibility should undergo de-radicalization. This must go hand in hand with general democratization. Britain has great experience in developing even small territories such as Hong Kong and Singapore into prosperity. The UK should therefore launch an education, science and economic initiative with the aim of achieving living conditions similar to those in Singapore by 2050 at the latest. 
  4. For the Gaza Strip, which has already been liberated from Hamas, the UN should be responsible for implementing a similar program. The bill for repairing and rebuilding the damaged buildings should go to everyone who has supported jihadist Islamism currently or in the past, even by spreading historically distorted narratives. This particularly affects NGOs, other organizations and various Arab countries. 
  5. Also under UN responsibility, the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank must be obliged to hold democratic elections. Only people who recognize Israel's right to exist can run. The question of full Palestinian statehood or autonomy is secondary to the core question of defined borders. 
  6. The establishment of a security belt along the Gaza-Israel border appears necessary. After a few years of non-violent probation, it can be returned. 
  7. As part of the historical rivalry between free civilization and the Islamic world, the Middle East conflict can only be brought to a lasting end as part of an overall solution. More detailed information at