The Concept 

for Peace, Freedom and Fairness 

From money rule, bureaucratism, militarism and migration chaos back to fairness and rationality

"The Concept" represents a rational view of the world, from which clear principles for sustainably fair coexistence of people are derived - within societies and on the international level. Thus, the spirit of the American Founding Fathers, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King is revitalized and updated.

While the centers of crisis have alternated in the course of the last years between the Middle East Conflict (Mai 2021), withdrawal from Afghanistan (August 2021), the Ukraine War (since February 2022) and again the Middle East Conflict (since October 2023) the causal forces behind them are the same - those of big money. 

A main problem is that the money power has long been able to turn all major nations and (religious) groups against each other and, in doing so, to "dominate the opposition." This disingenuous strategy, once promulgated and practiced by Lenin, has led to extremely destructive results. These consist not only of general discord, but also of a survival-threatening disorientation regarding the distinction between friends and enemies. - A core aim of the book and the blog articles on this website is to bring clarity to the confusion.