The Peace, Freedom & Fairness Initiative does not form a firmly defined group, but a free community of values that feels committed to a peaceful and harmonious development of humanity.It does not testify to an awake consciousness of Western citizens if they only gradually realise in the face of the threat of a Third World War that a definitive overcoming of militarism has long since become a prerequisite for the survival of the species - at the latest since the entry into industrial civilisation and the corresponding "progress" in weapons technology.

Groundbreaking initiatives in favour of non-violent concepts have only ever come about when it was already too late - after the First World War with the founding of the League of Nations and after the Second World War with the founding of the United Nations and the proclamation of its Charter. After these two failed attempts, the current third peace initiative would have excellent chances of success if it were not under so much time pressure. The enormous increase in the power of militarism that has occurred in the meantime, which was able to banish the initiatives of the League of Nations in 1920 and the UN in 1945 to ineffective torpor with ease, is, on the other hand, more of a help in that gigantism reveals the moral weakness of the anti-principle of force all the more clearly.

At all times in history, militarism was ethically an anti-system inseparable from the suppression of intellectual and economic freedom. Until the early modern era, it was common practice in Europe for aristocratic sovereigns to wage war against each other in order to expand their spheres of power. Soldiers were calculated expendable material that was unthinkingly sacrificed to personal power interests.  

The founding of the free USA and the subsequent democracy movements in Europe could normally have put a final end to this inhuman attitude and practice. However, ultra-rich circles from Britain have succeeded in developing the USA into the second headquarters of their now worldwide empire of big money. Its undemocratic and militaristic rule makes use of the inconspicuous instrument of ideological discourse narrowing by propagating with great persistence a so-called "political correctness" which, if not observed, threatens exclusion from the political arena.  

The propaganda apparatus includes, among others, media of all kinds, tens of thousands of NGOs and the MIC, the Military-Industrial Complex. The restriction of political discourse always appears in disguised packaging, for example as "protection against disinformation" (while the truly free citizen judges for himself what is wrong and what is right), as a measure "in the interest of national security" (a criterion against which almost all US military operations have had the opposite effect, namely hindering the spread and proper application of liberal democracy) or as "protection against insults and hate speech" (a protection that a stable personality does not need, as such nonsense bounces off - while protection against incitements to actual violence needs improvement).

Aware of these counterforces, the current third attempt to reject the militarists' undemocratic claim to rule must set in motion a rapidly spreading change of consciousness among citizens, followed by one among politicians, for whom the paralysing effect of "political correctness" is deeper.

The texts to be found on this homepage are to be understood as instruments for this process, which amounts to an expansion and sharpening of the rational, ideology-free world view that is necessary for survival.

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